15 Criteria when Choosing the Country to Move to

At Smoovster we put great emphasis on how to choose the best location to move to. Why? Because it's the most important decision of all and it influences everything else, duh!

And if you don't do it right the first time, it will cost you a lot of money, time and energy to “fix it”. But don’t worry, this is why you are here and Smoovster has made it it’s mission to guide you smoothly through this process. Let’s do this!

How do you approach the process of making this decision?

By getting yourself as informed as possible about the place you’re moving to, of course. The more you know, the more informed your decision will be and you will:

  • Be able to decide where it’s best for you to move
  • Reduce your chances of being negatively surprised by things you don’t like and
  • Prepare yourself better for the whole endeavor of moving to and accommodating in your new country.

Enough with the “theoretical” talk now!

By what criteria should you choose the country you’re moving to?

  1. Politics: trends, government (also potential government changes), internal & external directions
  2. Authorities: bureaucracy, people’s trust in authorities, reliability
  3. Justice system: laws, reinforcement of laws
  4. Economy: trends, forecasts, stability
  5. Healthcare system: reliability, expenses, access, duration of maternity leave, disabilities
  6. School system: accessibility, reliability, traditional vs. modern, international renown of universities, child care
  7. Pension plans: options, average pension after ‘x’ years of work
  8. Citizenship: process, duration, double citizenship, sponsoring family members, compulsory military service
  9. Distance from home country: flight duration & cost, additional connections, time difference
  10. Openness to immigrants: programs, percentage of immigrants in the overall population, how are immigrants perceived, welcoming culture
  11. Attitude towards minorities: different nationalities, religions, sexual orientation
  12. Language, including if people can speak another language, in case you don’t know the local one
  13. Regulations around bringing kids, having kids, marriage, common law and divorce
  14. Legal drugs
  15. Climate, including potential natural disasters

This is our checklist. What would you add to this?

And… there’s more! Doing your research on the country is not enough. The next levels are doing your research on the city and… the neighborhood, as well:

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You've got this and we've got your back!


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