we work with People
who want to move abroad

... to provide structured guidance and remove the roadblocks


Where Are You in the Process?

You've just decided you want to move

... and you need a clearly lay-outed plan for your move to give you the confidence and peace of mind

You've started the process of moving

... but have encountered a challenge or roadblock and need action-oriented guidance for the best next steps to move forward with speed, efficiency and ease

You've already moved and live in the new country

... but you don't feel at home, miss your country of origin and need concrete strategies to integrate

The Most Common Challenges People Face

Which one is yours?

Before the move

  • "I cannot decide on the right country to move to"
  • "I am afraid I will not find a suitable job"
  • "I am concerned about not being able to support myself and my family"
  • "I want to make the best decisions for my kids"
  • "My partner doesn't want to move" (or vice-versa)
  • "I don't know where to start and what I absolutely shouldn't fail to do when moving"
  • "I have the fear of making a big mistake"
  • "I feel disoriented without a plan and clear action steps"
  • "I am afraid I will be lonely and will miss my family and social life"
  • "What if all this doesn't work out?"
  • ... and the list goes on

After the move

  • "I don't feel at home"
  • "I cannot find a job that is suitable to my education and experience"
  • "I am not able to cover my living costs and have the quality of life I desire"
  • "My relationship is struggling after the move"
  • "I am trying to integrate, but it's not going well"
  • "I am experiencing a culture shock, how do I solve it?"
  • "I am missing my family and home country"
  • "I have not made friends"
  • "I cannot find a partner in this new place"
  • "I'm still not 100% happy, something is missing, but I don't know what it is"
  • "Should I just drop everything and go back?"
  • ... and so many more

These are all normal challenges

and happen in one shape or form to any person moving abroad.

There are concrete strategies to solve the above and more,

and get the results you want. 

We combined real-life advice, experiences and tips from people who moved abroad successfully, with modern and internationally accredited coaching techniques into effective strategies, instruments and action steps for you in a comprehensive program for people moving abroad:

The Smoovster Coaching Program.

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This Is My Story

Meet Diana, your coach, guide and friend


I moved from Bucharest, Romania to Vancouver, Canada in 2013 to live with my husband George. Moving is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. And so were the 4 years to follow my move.

I had studied and lived in foreign countries, such as Germany, had traveled the world, speak 5 languages, have a Masters Degree in Corporate Development and solid business analysis experience in industries such as oil & gas. On top of this, a lot of volunteering experience, an outgoing personality and self-confidence. These are good premises for a successful move & integration, right?

Well, reality showed me differently... the hard way. I underestimated every aspect of the move, from the less significant ones, like the humor, food, language, traditions, even weather, to the more important ones, like being far away from family and friends (for 'the spoiled princess' within me), starting everything from scratch (from the social and professional status I had back home) or to understand and befriend a new culture (that I partially didn't like). 

I had to kill my old identity and create a new one: such a tough lesson to learn! 

I actively looked for ways to remove my challenges. I searched for concrete strategies in books, blogs and studies, talked to therapists, as well as people who moved abroad, of different backgrounds, ages and family contexts... to get my answer: What makes an international move easier and turns it into a success? And I did get my answers.

Through my searches and newly discovered strategies, I was able to:

  • Have a beautiful house in Vancouver
  • Obtain a great job as project manager in healthcare, aligned with my values and a boss I call my mentor and good friend
  • Get a Business Analyst Certification (CABA) from a renowned University
  • Create a large circle of wonderful people, whom I call friends, while strengthening the relationships back in my home country
  • Improve my health, increase my productivity and optimize my life
  • Become a yoga teacher, as well as a Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes certified coach
  • Become part of an amazing group of growth-oriented people, the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmaster’s Club
  • Travel the world, and recently…
  • Combine the best out of both worlds: Canada and my home country, by eventually creating a business that is independent of the physical space where I am in, so I have the flexibility to travel back and forth as much as my heart needs to

My point here is, that all of this and more is accessible to you, in much less time than it took me and with a lot more ease and joy, no matter where you decide to move to. I wish I hadn’t learned this the hard way, but that was the path that I have unconsciously chosen for myself.

You only live once, so live with grace, have fun and make it worth it. Enjoy every minute of it and allow life to teach you how to become the best version of yourself.

Give me a call. I'll answer any of your questions, may it be regarding concrete move logistics, a family concern or an emotional challenge. I can't wait to meet you.

What People Say

No matter if you're moving on your own or with your family, for a job or just to have a better life, Smoovster is the program for you.


I like Smoovster because it offers information that no one gives you before you move. I don't believe there's any other resource to cover what's important to know about moving, all in one place.


Romania to the US

Really good! There's no program out there like this. I recommend Smoovster to everyone, no matter where you come from or where you are moving to. 


India to Canada

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