Provide you with the personalized plan you need for your move abroad.


Who Is This For?

Companies and Organizations

... sending and welcoming employees or students from abroad

Individuals and Their Families

... of different of countries of origin or destination

Embassies and Consulates

... preparing people for a move and the integration in a new country

Why Is a Workshop so Valuable

... no matter at what stage you are with your move



You leave with a ready-to-go personalized step-by-step plan on how to prepare for your whole moving process, from the moment you make the decision until you are fully integrated in the new country. Among others, It includes how to:

  • Decide on the best location for you
  • Find the right job for you
  • Find a house you love
  • Pack and ship your items efficiently 
  • Ensure your budget and cost of living
  • Understand the culture at a deep level
  • Create new valuable connections
  • Maintain great existing relationships  
  • Satisfy your family's specific needs
  • Adjust rapidly, with easy, while enjoying the process
  • Manage the emotional roller-coaster
  • Mitigate the many risks successfully
  • Track your progress and keep everything under your control
  • ... and more



A variety of methods will be used to help you get the full benefits, integrate the information and have clarity and confidence on you immediate action steps:

  • Practical checklists to keep you on track and ensure you don't miss what's important
  • Hands-on exercises to help you with the mind-set and decision making processes on the spot
  • Advice, real-life stories and smart tips from people who moved abroad successfully
  • Online and offline resources of valuable country specific information for  research
  • Group dynamics with other people like you, sharing their learnings, tips, questions and roadblocks for discussion
  • Advanced  trainers, with with coaching and education certifications, who have experienced at least one international move first hand



We understand and accommodate the specific needs of each group we interact with. We can tailor our workshops based on:

  • Language: English, German, Romanian
  • Duration: 4 hours to 2 full-days (content will be adjusted accordingly)
  • Location: At the organizations' request
  • Country-specific content: If all participants have either the country of origin or destination or both in common
  • Focused content, based on specific groups' needs, e.g. on culture and integration, on the mental and emotional preparation, on the logistics, job-finding and budget, etc.
  • Fee: Based on duration, location, number of participants, iterations
  • Money back guarantee: We strive to offer high quality content and believe that there is no program out there like this. This is why, if you are not satisfied with our services we will refund your investment.



Participants will receive the Full Smoovster Package.

The 3 Smoovster Master Guides:

  • Moving Abroad: The Essentials (including the Budget Guide
  • Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden
  • Moving Abroad: The Mental and Emotional

In addition:

  • The Extended 1-Year Plan (Wall Poster)
  • The Budget Template
  • The First Luggage Checklist

These extensive resources guide you smoothly through the whole process of moving, keep you on track and measure your progress and success.

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What People Say

A Smoovster Workshop is an excellent preparation for each of the stages of the move abroad.

It gives its participants clarity of next steps, relief from the feeling of overwhelm, confidence through the extensive amount of valuable information and knowledge and motivation to take the actions needed.

Really good! There's no program out there like this. I recommend Smoovster to everyone, no matter where you come from or where you are moving to.

Lavina, India to Canada

The Added Value

... of the Smoovster Workshop

You avoid the overwhelm, unpleasant surprises and roadblocks 
that most people experience when moving.

You cut down in half your waste of time, money and energy.

You get the clarity on the exact action steps, feeling of confidence knowing you are on top of your moving process and the excitement to turn it into a success.

Become the expert of your own move!

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Money-back guarantee: Our mission is to provide the highest quality content for educated people moving abroad. If you, as an individual or organization, are not satisfied with our services, we will refund your investment, with the single request that you give us feedback for improvement. 

More of What People Say

...about our Guides

More of What People Say

A Smoovster Workshop is for you, no matter if you're moving on your own or with your family, for a temporary job or just to have a better life long-term. 

I like Smoovster because it offers information that no one gives you before you move. I don't believe there's any other resource to cover what's important to know about moving, all in one place.

Andrei, Romania to the US

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Moving abroad doesn't have to be hard.

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