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This little gem is expansive, instructive, witty, and wise. 

It offers a lot of practical suggestions for people like me who over time had to move around, from one country to another.

If you intend to move abroad read this first. You won't regret it! This indispensable guide may be the only one you may find on this subject.

Diana's sets new standards in this fast changing world.

FCP - Amazon Reviewer

Our Smoovster Master Guides

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Contains all the aspects without which the move is at jeopardy from the start, such as how to:

  • Decide on the perfect location for you
  • Take care of the paper work yourself
  • Find a house you enjoy living in
  • Find a job you love
  • Make the packing short and sweet
  • Inform yourself properly about the education and healthcare
  • Set-up your insurancebanktransportationtelecommunicationsutilities
  • Very valuable Bonus: Be on top of your budget at all times
  • …and many more

This is essential!


The important, but hidden

Contains the aspects that most people fail to see, but which make a huge difference in your and your family's level of happiness and fulfillment. You'll learn how to:

  • Integrate efficiently in your new country
  • Design your everyday life to suit your and your family's desires
  • Take the most efficient steps to get your life going right from the start, while avoiding wasting time, money or energy on the less relevant things
  • Be prepared of the unexpected and unpleasant surprises that most people experience
  • Become aware of the less obvious aspects of the move that affect your quality of life directly
  • ... and more

This is important!


The Mental & Emotional

Contains the aspects that almost no one thinks about regarding the personal side of preparation for this major change, such as how to:

  • Manage your emotional roller-coaster
  • Understand your and your family's key needs and how to satisfy them in the new context
  • Be prepared psychologically for the change and having the right mindset to make it successful
  • Nurture the most important relationships in your life, while creating new and long-lasting ones
  • Mitigate the risks you're going to face successfully 
  • ... and a lot more

This is priceless!

For Your Convenience

... the well thought-out structure helps you get the most out of the information

  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS of all the logistical, administrative, financial, social, mental and emotional aspects of the move
  • User-friendly CHECKLISTS, to help you track your progress and keep everything under your control
  • Practical EXERCISES to get you going and motivated already while reading 
  • Heartfelt ADVICE and REAL-LIFE STORIES from hundreds of people, who have experienced a move first-hand
  • Online and offline suggested SOURCES OF COUNTRY-SPECIFIC INFORMATION, to save you from endless online research
  • ENCOURAGEMENTS, support and guidance, in a realistic, grounded and common-sense way, that you will trust and enjoy

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Fabulous resource

Well laid out, organized lists and lots of links to help you plan and make well informed decisions on where to move. Lots of things I would not have thought of and resources to help you in your research.
I loved the
checklists and the format. The lists on comparing costs and knowing what's important to you were very valuable. If you're thinking of moving to another country this is a great resource.


TinaMarie - Amazon Reviewer

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Moving Abroad:
The Essentials

Moving Abroad:
The Important, but Hidden

Moving Abroad:
The Mental & Emotional

Moving abroad doesn't have to be hard.

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