Is Moving Abroad Hard? It Doesn’t Have to Be

Thinking of moving abroad? How prepared do you feel on a scale from 1 to 10? Well, let’s get you to a 10!

Moving abroad can be a frightening and overwhelming process, but it can also be exciting and become one of the most life-enriching experiences you’ll ever have. Which one will you choose for yourself?

My name is Diana and I help professionals moving abroad to have a smooth and successful move to another country. I teach you how to save money, time and energy with your move. I teach you to do everything right the first time and fulfill the dreams you have for your move abroad.

If you're driving, cooking or walking or simply prefer watching a video, instead of reading, click below. Stay safe :).

Because my experience with my international move has been one of the toughest of my life, I made it my mission to help people like you to have an easy, pleasant and stress-less experience with their move.

I created 3 Master Guides to cover all aspects of the move: 

  • Administrative
  • Logistical
  • Financial
  • Social 
  • Mental & 
  • Emotional.

This is basically everything you need to know about your move. I designed it precisely for it to be a 1-stop-shop for your smooth move to another country. It’s what I would have needed before the move. Easy enough?

The first Master Guide, Moving Abroad: The Essentials covers everything a move cannot happen without. It shows you how to:

  • Choose the best location for you
  • Find the house & job you love
  • How to manage your paperwork
  • Pack your belongings efficiently
  • Create and put together all the money you need for the move
  • … and many more

The second Master Guide, Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden covers everything that affects the quality of your life and your overall life satisfaction. Most people fail to take these into consideration and have a tough time because of this. Be ahead of the game and learn how to:

  • Integrate rapidly and feel at home in your new country, a process that takes most immigrants a looong time
  • Quickly create the quality of life you crave for
  • Be prepared for the unexpected 
  • Be aware of what most people don;t know and don’t think of when moving
  • … and many more

The third Master Guide, Moving Abroad: The Mental & Emotional covers the sensitive psychological and emotional challenges that almost no one mentions to you before the move. It teaches you how to:

  • Deal with the inevitable emotional roller-coaster before and after a move
  • Maintain the relationships back home and create new and lasting ones
  • Set-up your life easily and rapidly 
  • Deal with the most important risks of a move
  • … and more

And wait! There’s more you should know to definitively fall in love with the 3 Master Guides! Each Master Guide contains:

  • User-friendly checklists you will find nowhere else
  • Detailed and clear explanations of every aspect you need to know for your move
  • Stories and tips from people like you who moved successfully and shared their learnings
  • Links to the best websites for relevant and up-to-date information 
  • The support and encouragement you need to make your move happen

Well, how prepared do you feel for your move on a scale from 1 to 10? These Master Guides get you to a 10

If you’re thinking of moving, or face challenges after your move, or if you know someone who does, get the Master Guides and become the expert of your move.

How to find the Master Guides?

  • On this website, more precisely here, or
  • Search by Diana Firican on the Amazon website of your country

They offer a wealth of precious information and great value at such convenient prices. ​

Let’s make your move a success!

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