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... and would like a structured "1-stop-shop" guidance for your move

You don't know what your most efficient next steps should be,

... in order for you and your family to be fully prepared, from logistically & financially to emotionally for your move

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step by step move plan with checklists

We Offer Courses, Guides, Workshops & Coaching

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A complete road map with all the aspects you need to consider when moving and help you get rid of the overwhelm:

1. Moving Abroad: The Essentials (including Budget Guide)

How to do the paperwork, get a job, find a house, be on top of your budget and... many more.

2. Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden

How to integrate efficiently, be prepared for the unexpected and aware of what most people don't think about when moving.

3. Moving Abroad: The Mental and Emotional 

How to manage your emotional roller-coaster, fulfill your key needs, nurture existing relationships, while building new ones and mitigate your risks successfully.


Pre- and Post-move WORKSHOPS

We organize workshops for:

  • Embassies and consulates
  • Companies and organizations
  • Individuals and their families

Main benefits:

  • Clarity on the exact steps on how to make your international move a success, through a personalized step-by-step plan
  • Confidence during in all the phases, by walking through the whole process from the preparation, to the actual move, to the complete integration in the new country
  • Community of like-minded people for mutual support and exchange of advice, ideas and experience

Click below to find out how the extensive high-quality content, flexible logistics, multi-faceted learning approach and valuable bonuses of our workshops will serve you.



People who moved abroad say that the toughest part comes after the actual move. Building a new life that suits you is a multi-faceted process, that needs careful attention.

An experienced Coach provides you with the personalized guidance for your and your families needs. 

Your benefits:

  • A detailed action plan tailored to your specific country, context and goals for after the move
  • An accountability partner to provide you with clear direction and guidance at all times through the accommodation and integration process 
  • Strong support from an experienced coach, to overcome inevitable, context-specific roadblocks, challenges and obstacles along the way successfully

What people say

No matter if you're moving on your own or with your family, for a job or just to have a better life, Smoovster is the program for you.


It's complete. It covers everything, even aspects I had not thought about. And I like the checklists, they're very user friendly and practical.


Prospect Romania to New Zealand

Really good! There's no program out there like this. I recommend Smoovster to everyone, no matter where you come from or where you are moving to. 


India to Canada

What Is Right For You Now?

Why You Should Choose Smoovster

... no matter at what stage you are with your move

We show you step-by-step how to prepare for your move, from the moment you make the decision until you are fully integrated in the new country.

We cover all:

  • Administrative
  • Logistical
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Mental
  • Emotional 

... aspects of your move, so you avoid expensive, time-consuming and stressful mistakes.

We created a program like no other out there. We included:

  • User-friendly CHECKLISTS, to help you track your progress and keep everything under your control

  • Heartfelt ADVICE and REAL-LIFE STORIES drawn from hundreds of emigrants, who have experienced a move first-hand

  • Online and offline suggested LINKS TO COUNTRY-SPECIFIC INFORMATION, to save you from endless online research

This makes Smoovster your 1-stop-shop for a faster, cheaper and pleasant experience of moving to a new country. 

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