Moving Abroad Essentials

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About this course

Welcome to the Moving Abroad Essentials Course: A clear step-by-step system for how to successfully prepare, move, as well as accommodate in your new country. In this course, you’ll learn about the things you absolutely need to take care of to have a faster, money-saving and enjoyable move. These are the Essentials your international move cannot happen without.

Let’s turn the life you’ve always dreamed of into reality and make that better future you’ve envisioned for yourself and the people you love happen. Enjoy the course. I’ll see you on the other side!

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Course Structure

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Location: How to Finally Choose Where to Live 3 Lessons

Know What You Want: Your Absolute Must-haves of Your Ideal Location

Do it right the first time! Choose the best country, city and neighborhood, based on what is most important to you.

Choose Your Location Wisely: By the Most Important Criteria to You

Find out what to do your research on, to be confident with the choice you made on your ideal location.

Access Your Best Sources of Information

A list of the most trustworthy and curated online sources of country-specific information, where you can find reliable information, as well as relevant international rankings of countries and cities.

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Paperwork: Must be Done Perfectly 2 Lessons

Complete Your Paperwork Perfectly

Understand how to approach the paperwork process, one of the most time-consuming parts of moving abroad.

Have All Your Documents in Order

Create a list of all requirement documents and their status to keep under the control your process at all times.

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Job & Income: How to Have Financial Stability 7 Lessons

Know Your Best Income Strategies

Consider more than just one strategy for having a steady and reliable income and try these creative, but realistic suggestions.

Find the Best Jobs for You

Find out what exactly you need to do your research on, to be confident that you made the right job decision.

Nail the Application, Interview and Hiring Processes

These processes are different from country to country, so be aware of what exactly is expected from you, in order to be successful at getting the job you want.

Start Your Application Process with These Steps

Based on the information and knowledge accumulated, go through this sequence of steps to land your ideal job.

What to do Next? Your Main Take-aways

A summary of the main take-aways for this chapter and heart-felt words of encouragement.

Bonus: 4 Tips to Find a Job Abroad

To make your job search more effective, follow these 4 smart tips on how to find a job easier and faster when moving.

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Place to Live in: How to Find a Home You Love 6 Lessons

Know What You Want: Your Absolute Must-haves of Your Ideal Home

Identify for yourself what you will not compromise on when choosing your home, to make the house finding search more streamlined.

Make the Right Key Decisions Before You Start Looking

Even before starting the actual home search, make these key-decisions for further streamline your process.

Be a Pro at the House Hunting and Finding Processes

Learn the market-specific language of the country, to make sure the are no misunderstandings when you choose a place to live in.

Identify Your Best Options Quickly

Find out the best sources of information for your house search.

What to do Next? Your Main Take-aways

At the end of the chapter, these are your main take-aways and immediate next steps towards finding your ideal home.

Bonuses: Strategies Renting vs. Buying; What To Do With Your Current Place

More practical you might not have thought of for an effective move and home search.

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Nail the Packing and Shipping 4 Lessons

What to do with Your Belongings

Steps to follow to optimize the organizing, packing and shipping processes.

What to do with the Items to Store, Ship, Donate, Sell or Throw Away

After you've decided what items you're going to ship, store, sell, donate or throw away, here are some smart strategies for each.

Be on Top of Your Packing & Shipping with these Great Resources

The best online sources to help you with your packing and shipping processes.

Bonus: First Luggage Checklist

A list of all the items you need to take with you when you leave in your carry-on bag, as well as check-in bag.

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Smart Moves: Life Aspects to Have on Your Radar 10 Lessons

Find out Which Life Aspects You Need to Consider Further

Besides the big decision you've made so far, here are other life-aspects that you don't want to underestimate.

Plan for Education

What to consider when planning for your and your family's education.

Remember Your Health

What to consider when setting up your health plan.

Look into Other Types of Insurance

What to consider when signing-up for further insurance.

Prepare for Emergencies

How to prepare for emergencies.

Your Future Well-being: Your Pension

How to go about your future pension.

Choose your Bank Wisely

What to consider when setting-up your banking services.

Find the Most Efficient Transportation Options

How to optimize your transit and transportation options.

Pick a Telecommunications Provider

What to consider when choosing your telecommunications provider.

Register for Utilities

Do not forget to sign-up for utilities.

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BONUS: Be on Top of your Budget: It's Essential for Your Move 4 Lessons

Have a Clear Overview of Your Finances

Why this is important and what it means.

Track your Expenses

Learn how to track your expenses, in order to be able to calculate your cost of living, as well as decide if you need more funds for your budget after the move.

Know your Taxes

Make sure you know the taxation systems of both countries, as they can be very different from one country to another.

Choose your Bank Wisely

Choose the most cost-effective option when deciding what to do about your bank accounts and how to transfer money from one country to another.

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BONUS: Cost of Living Estimation 2 Lessons

Estimate Your Cost of Living vs. Desired Income

Carefully calculate your cost of living in relation to your potential income to determine your quality of life in the location you're moving to.

How to Calculate the Cost of Living

Find here the best resources to estimate your cost of living.

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BONUS: Your Moving Budgets - Before and After the Move 4 Lessons

Follow these Guidelines

Follow these introductory guidelines when you calculate your moving budgets.

Your Moving Budgets: Calculate Your Budget Before the Move

Find out all the budget items that fall under the budget before the move, in order for you to calculate it accurately. 

Your Moving Budgets: Calculate Your Budget After the Move

Now find out all the budget items that fall under the budget after the move, in order for you to calculate it accurately. 

How to Put Together the Moving Budget

Find out how to gather the money you need for the budgets before and after the move.

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Bye-bye Past, hello Future 4 Lessons

Close your Accounts in Your Home Country: Administrative

Avoid leaving any loose ends behind and make sure to close all your administrative accounts, which have to do with institutions.

Close your Accounts in Your Home Country: Logistical

Run the logistical errands, from your health check-ups to buying a ticket and preparing your luggage.

Close your Accounts in Your Home Country: Social

Maintain good relationships with the people in your life, because they will be your most important support especially in the beginning.

The Excitement is Growing: It’s move week & On the Day of the Move

This is it! A final checklist of the things to do right before leaving and... take off with a smile on your face and excitement in your heart!

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Bonus: Be Informed About the COVID Updates 2 Lessons

Why People Will Continue to Move

Learn about 5 reasons why people will continue to move during and after the COVID 19 pandemic.

Follow the Latest News Regarding COVID

Stay informed about the COVID news relevant to your international move.

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Bonus: Be an Expert at Your Research 1 Lesson

Follow these Research Tips

Learn how to become efficient and thorough in your extensive research for your move.