Your 3 Must-haves of the Perfect Location for You When Moving Abroad

Thinking of moving abroad, but not sure where? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this confusion and indecisiveness.

You probably have several potential destinations in mind and this is normal, because nowadays our options are endless. Which is exciting and also scary, I feel you! 

I will suggest a structured approach, which will help you narrow down your options and help you make a conscious and informed decision about this very important aspect of your life: where to live.

The decision about where you will live is probably the most important decision of all, because it influences everything that happens afterwards. This is why, you need to do it right and... do it right the first time! 

OK, but how?

The first step, even before starting your research, is to identify 3 must-haves of the location you are moving to, i.e. 3 essential and non-negotiable criteria you are not willing to compromise on.

It’s the same as with dating: deciding on these will help you prioritize, will make your choice easier and will eliminate some options from the get-go.

What are the 3 must-haves of the location you are moving to that you are not willing to compromise on?

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • Ability to speak or to learn the language easily
  • Proximity to my home country so I can visit at least 2 times per year
  • Having close family or friends in the area for emotional and social comfort
  • Good education opportunities for myself or my kids
  • Options to bring my elderly parents at some point in the future
  • Affordable housing prices
  • Great options for outdoor activities
  • Minority rights
  • Top quality of life

… and the list can continue forever. Our Moving Abroad Master Guide: The Essentials contains all. 

What are your 3 must-haves of the place you want to spend the next period of your life or... the rest of your life in?

Laura’s story

My friend Laura from Ireland moved to Vancouver, Canada, with her husband, Nick. Their 3 must-haves were:

  • The weather, i.e. not too warm and not too cold – both Ireland and Vancouver are rainy, so that wasn’t an issue.
  • The possibility of bringing their dog Pixie – the shiest dog in the world – without putting her into quarantine.
  • Good and stable job opportunities, which was not the case in Ireland at the time they moved.

Your first step is to decide on your 3 must-haves. The following steps will come so much easier to you once you’ve done this exercise. Advance to the next step only when you have them written down and you feel good about them. 

So, what are your 3 must-haves?

Well done, your first important step is completed! Let's move on ;).

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